Perfect Flight Keeps Customers Top of Mind With New Version of Online Platform

Perfect Flight Keeps Customers Top of Mind With New Version of Online Platform

August 28, 2023

Perfect Flight Keeps Customers Top of Mind With New Version of Online Platform

After analyzing aerial applications on more than 80 million farm acres in Brazil and the U.S., Perfect Flight has revamped its online platform so that it’s easier for customers to use, with more intuitive navigation and aesthetic appeal. The new system’s backend is also more seamless and scalable to maintain fast processing speeds, even as the company continues to grow. 

“Our designers and engineers have restructured the new online platform to fit users’ everyday workflows and business structures, including alternative structures found in international markets,” says João Victor, Lead Engineer of Perfect Flight. “We crafted the platform to account for outlier scenarios and set the foundation for future innovations and improvements.”

Early testers, covering significant food and fiber farmland, have praised the new system as a major step forward. The original platform’s core features — application performance indicators, restriction zones, record-keeping functions  and aggregate data charts — will remain intact as well as the tried-and-true algorithms that are used in the system’s application analysis. However, the redesigned platform will better serve both national and international customers by facilitating growth, adaptation and connectivity of the tool within the digital agricultural market.

New features will include:

  • Service order management
  • Point-by-point flow maps
  • API with AgPilotX GPS
  • Upgraded field boundary upload process
  • Analysis of Travicar .zjob file types
  • Post-flight application weather data
  • Customizable tree structure for field and farm organization
  • New version of the business intelligence tool
  • Pre-filled product options from international agricultural input database

And the following features are coming soon:

  • Schedules for jobs performed by multiple pilots
  • Alerts
  • API with AgPilotX GPS
  • Customer administrative level business intelligence

The new beta version of the Perfect Flight platform will launch on August 28, 2023. Any customers who opt into this version will continue to have access in the new system to all of their historical data. They also will be able to access their accounts and all previous data on the legacy system in case of mid-season needs. Feedback during the first few months of the launch will be appreciated but not required to migrate user accounts.

For customers who need more time to switch to the new system, the legacy version of the Perfect Flight online platform will remain available until further notice. These customers will continue to receive help from the support team, who will work to resolve any reported bugs. But no new software features will be implemented on the legacy system after the new version’s release. Please note that customers who rely heavily on drone application reports in the legacy system may want to delay migration, as this feature has not been implemented in the new system.

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