Privacy Policy

At Perfect Flight, security and privacy are priorities, so we are committed to transparency in how we use your Personal Data. Therefore, this Privacy Policy establishes how data from Users is collected, used, and transferred. Users may be our customers and any parties who access or use Perfect Flight Software and Services, which include any company websites or platforms. Where the word "you" is used in this Privacy Policy, it is understood to represent the User.
This Privacy Policy clarifies the types of data collected, the forms and treatments of Personal Data in our software, and the reasons for data collection. Additionally, this Privacy Policy informs the User how you may exercise your data rights as provided for by law. For these reasons, we recommend a thorough reading of our Privacy Policy.
By using our Software and Services, you acknowledge and accept the full terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, and agree to be bound by it, freely and spontaneously.
In addition, this Privacy Policy may be amended at any time at Perfect Flight's sole and exclusive discretion.

Why do we collect your information?

To provide Perfect Flight Services and related support, such as enabling you to use our services to view and evaluate information about your agricultural operation, control properties, use analytical and historical reporting applications in addition to performance and sustainability reports.
To manage and answer your questions about the services made available through the Perfect Flight platform. To manage costs, maps, and application quality.
For security reasons, as necessary to help us protect against, identify, or investigate fraud or other criminal activity.
For advertising and marketing purposes in addition to engaging with you on social media.
For other legal purposes, if we have a legal obligation or need to seek or defend against legal action involving the use of your information under this Privacy Statement, such as to comply with orders or seek to prevent the disclosure of your information without your consent.
For communication purposes, to contact you regarding any of the reasons discussed above.
For any other purposes to which you expressly agree.

When do we collect your data?

• When you create an account
• When you upload information to our website or platform or send it through our employees or services
• When you participate in a contest, sweepstakes or other promotion
• When you order a product
• When you comment on a blog post
• When you contact us for any reason
• When you interact with features or tools on the Software and Services, or when you click on any link on the website or platform, we also collect this data.

In addition to the Personal Data voluntarily submitted by you, we collect data about you using other technologies such as Cookies, Clickstream, Web Beacons and IPs, as described below:

What are "Cookies"?
Cookies are small pieces of data that a website can send to a browser, which may be stored on your hard drive so that we can recognize you when you return to the website. Cookies can improve your online experience by saving your personal preferences while visiting our website. It does not contain personally identifiable data. It is possible to configure your computer to notify you when you receive a cookie, or to disable cookies completely.

What are "Web Beacons"?
Beacons help manage and improve our services, systems, online advertising and other tools. Beacons enable a browser to recognize a cookie when it visits the website on which the beacon is located, and to record the ID of the advertisement which leads the user to a particular website. We also include pixel tags in our HTML-formatted email messages that we send (or are sent on our behalf) in order to determine which email messages were opened and indicate whether an e-mail message triggered a certain action.
You may make some pixel tags or web beacons unusable by rejecting the cookies associated with them.
Although you are not required to accept cookies when accessing our Software and Services, if you set your browser to reject cookies, you may not be able to use all of the features and functionality of our website or platform.

How do we share your personal data?

In compliance with the applicable legislation, with regard to the Processing of Personal Data, Perfect Flight respects and guarantees the User the possibility of submitting requests based on the rights established by the LGPD.
Among them, we highlight the following rights:
• Confirmation of the existence of the processing and access of your Personal Data, by contacting the channels provided herein;
• Correction, anonymization, blocking and deletion of your Personal Data from our databases, stored on our own or third-party servers, when applicable and not prohibited by law;
• The User's right to provide or withdraw consent at any time, which will not affect the legality of any data treatment previously performed.
If you need any assistance to exercise your rights, you may contact Perfect Flight, as directed in this Privacy Policy. Perfect Flight will put forth its best efforts to fulfill such requests in the shortest possible time.
However, even in the event of a request to delete Personal Data, the minimum storage period for User Information and Personal Data will be respected, whether to comply with legal, regulatory obligations or to enable the defense of Perfect Flight or third parties in disputes of any nature. Likewise, requests to delete your Personal Data will imply the deletion of your eventual user account created on our Software and Services.

Sharing with third parties

Perfect Flight will not disclose and/or assign your Personal Data and/or Sensitive Personal Data to third parties who do not have a legal relationship with Perfect Flight (signed contract, for example).
However, we may share your Personal Data and/or Sensitive Personal Data with third parties that provide services to Perfect Flight, such as data storage and processing servers, companies contracted to perform marketing services, among others, which will act on behalf of Perfect Flight as Operators, who will have contractual obligations of secrecy, confidentiality and protection of Personal Data.
Equally, if requested by a competent authority in the performance of its legal duties, or by order, decree, regulation or government rule, or in case of violations or suspected violations of this or the Law, Perfect Flight may be required to make available the Personal Information and Data that are stored in our possession. Perfect Flight, however, undertakes to strictly disclose the Personal Information and Data necessary to achieve the required purposes. Anonymized data, such as statistical reports on access, use of the Website (and other Information) and market trends, which do not reveal the identity of the Users, may also be shared with Perfect Flight's subcontractors or business partners.
As Perfect Flight develops and grows, such as through, but not limited to, a corporate transaction such as an acquisition, incorporation, merger, spin-off or through sale or purchase of companies, products and/or assets, the Personal Data of the Owner may be transferred to the new company.

Retention of Personal Data and/or Sensitive Personal Data

Perfect Flight will keep the Personal Data and/or Sensitive Personal Data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy or until the deletion of such data is eventually requested by the User, when possible and applicable. In this case, even after the request for deletion, we may keep the Personal Data stored for the prescriptive periods provided by law.
After the maintenance period and the legal requirement, the Personal Data will be deleted using safe disposal methods, or used anonymously for statistical purposes.


Perfect Flight is committed to the security of Personal Data and takes reasonable precautions to maintain this protection on all of our systems and servers.
We protect personally identifiable data stored on the Website's servers against unauthorized access, using technical and procedural controls, in addition to employing good market practices to protect your Information and Personal Data against unauthorized accesses, making every effort to ensure that they are not accessed by unauthorized third parties.

Changes to this Policy

By continuing to use Perfect Flight Software and Services, you agree that you acknowledge, understand, and irrevocably accept that Perfect Flight may, without notice and in our sole discretion, modify, add or remove any terms or conditions of this Privacy Policy.
Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be immediately communicated on this page and will take effect immediately.


In case of doubts, requests for access, complaints and communications from the User and/or the National Data Protection Authority, please contact the data protection officer:
Phone: +55 (19) 3631-0748